Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Custom branding for Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal is generally ideal for managing high-value web and data (cloud) hosting. CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) is the easy-to-use web portal that helps cloud providers manage the delivery of services and offerings to their customers. It makes cloud offerings easy from provisioning to billing with minor effort and investment. It gives businesses a lot of control and transforms cloud infrastructures into profitable cloud businesses with a comprehensive platform to manage business operations, support services, customers and cloud offerings. Integration with CloudPortal Business Manager offers an additional out-of-the box billing, pricing and services catalog solution for an even more complete cloud solution.

GK Technologies can offer customization over the cloudportal templates to reflect your company as well as your customers’ brands. We can offer extensive CSS based customization to bring your ideas and brand identity to live. GK Technologies offers custom interface templates for both Customer Branding and URL Branding. You can apply your managed customer’s branding on their individual portal.